Alan is most capable to handle ANY tax needs you might require. I have used the services of Alan R Switzer CPA, PC for many years, I owe Alan more than a simple few words. You see I came to Alan with not just typical Federal and State taxes to work up, but the burden of a long time IRS challenge. Alan referred me to a local Law Firm specializing in IRS Challenges, a tax law firm in which he had referred other clients to…. when working with difficult IRS tax challenges. Working with Alan, my CPA….this IRS tax Attorney took my difficult and challenging case…..after several years of battle with the IRS… I have settled my case with the IRS. Had it not been for Alan…I might never have accomplished this difficult task and overcome this burden and pressure. So regardless of your tax challenges, Alan is the CPA you want and need to work on your personal and business taxes.  Alan WILL NEVER let you down. He’s a good man and a great friend now. Solid advice…Solid guy!